Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee 30/Case

Cafe Bustelo Espresso is known worldwide as El Sabor Que No Se Detiene (The Flavor That Doesn’t Hold Back). No need to travel for coffee with authentic Hispanic taste. Brew the perfect dark roast Espresso in your coffeemaker every time. Delicioso! Read more
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30 - 2 oz. Fraction Packs per Case Item 101410CASE
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Cafe Bustelo Espresso Coffee

An Espresso like no other – Always pure and flavorful Espresso Ground Coffee. Now you too can experience overflowing flavor of Cafe Bustelo Espresso Coffee in your own home or office. Once the Espresso package is opened, the fresh aroma of finely ground coffee beans will surround you. Look forward to an appealing aroma of dark varietals combined with rich espresso taste.

You don’t have to travel any longer for coffee with authentic Hispanic taste. Roasted in Miami, FL Cafe Bustelo has proven to be versatile. Choose to brew by the pot, for cappuccino, espresso or even cold with ice. Espresso equipment can be found in many shapes and sizes although you won’t need expensive contraptions.

The key to consistent tasting coffee is pre-measured coffee packs – You brew the perfect Espresso pot every time! A case contains 30 pre-measured 2.0 oz Cafe Bustelo Ground Coffee packs. Brew these 10 – 12 cup packs for your friends and family.

Remember, the best coffee is always coffee shared with company!

Company History

Café Bustelo coffee has been available since 1931. The coffee became popular in New York in the 1960’s when the Bustelos selectively scheduled to roast their coffee at the same time movies finished at a local theater. Movie-goers would smell the Espresso aroma and the business found a consistent flow of customers. Nearby restaurants would be offered this unique espresso coffee during the day and sales increased. The family business today roasts approximately 80% of all Espresso coffee sold in the United States.

Espresso Ground Coffee is popular in cities like New York, Miami, and Chicago where Puerto Rican and Cuban communities enjoy the robust, dark roast coffee. Experience the authentic Hispanic Flavor of Cafe Bustelo Espresso Coffee!
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Item 101410CASE
30 - 2.0 oz. Fraction Packs per Case