Decaf Portside Blend (Level 3) Seattle's Best Ground Coffee

99.9% Caffeine Free. Medium Roast. Enjoy the rich and hearty nutty sweetness flavor of Decaffeinated Seattle's Best Portside Blend Ground Coffee. Seattle's Best Coffee takes pride in creating Decaf coffee using only the finest Arabica coffee beans, p Read more
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18 Packs / Box Item 195893BOX
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Seattle's Best Level 3 Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
Woman drinking a cup of coffee
Single cup of coffee
Seattle's Best Coffee
Seattle's Best Level 3 Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
Woman drinking a cup of coffee
Single cup of coffee
Seattle's Best Coffee
Formerly called Level 3 Decaf Seattle's Best Coffee, now there's a new package and a new name. Seattle's Best Decaffeinated Portside Blend Coffee has the same great rich and hearty flavor enjoyed from this medium roast coffee.

 • 99.9% Caffeine Free
 • Medium Roast
 • Rich and Hearty Flavor
 • Social and Environmental Responsibility
 • Kosher OU Parve

Seattle's Best Coffee works hard to protect the environment and promotes sustainable farming methods which helps the coffee farmer and their family.

Each bag of Seattle’s Best Decaf Portside Blend Coffee is nitrogen flushed for optimum freshness and should be used immediately after opening. Level Three Decaffeinated Coffee is portioned packed and roasted to give you a perfectly smooth cup of coffee every time! Every box of Decaf Level Three Seattle’s Best Coffee brews 18 perfect pots of coffee.

What is Seattle's Best Level System?

Ever noticed how many different names there are for coffee? Well, Seattle's Best has been roasting coffee for a long time, and one day they realized they should talk to loyal Seattle's Best coffee drinkers using the same lingo that coffee roasters have always used - by describing the coffee in levels. Level 1 being the lightest and mildest and Level 5 being the boldest and darkest, with unique blends at every level in between.

So, while Seattle's Best continues to work hard to find, roast and blend quality coffee beans from around the world to create delicious, premium coffees, they also want to make it easy for you to pick your favorites. So whichever level you choose from, Enjoy!

Item 195893BOX
18 - 2 oz. Packets per Box

Item 195893CASE
4 Boxes per Case
Proportion: Each 2 oz. packet brews a perfect 10 - 12 cup pot of Decaffeninated Seattle's Best Level Three Coffee. To adjust strength, add hot water after brewing.

Water: Coffee is 98% water. Use fresh, filtered water for best flavor.

Freshness: Once it's brewed, enjoy coffee within an hour or transfer it to a thermal carafe. For best flavor, never leave it on a heat source.