No Sales Tax at Purchase?

No Sales Tax?  How can that be?

There are NO current requirements for merchants to collect sales tax for products and services outside the states from which they have a physical presence.

So, if you live outside the state of Missouri, you do not have to pay Missouri Sales Tax on your purchase.  If you live inside the state, then sales tax will be collected at the current tax rate based on the location of Discount

Please note, that many states require the buyer to report a USE Tax at the end of each tax year.  Be sure to know and follow your states tax laws.  USE Tax is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet, and should be paid to your respective State's Department of Revenue.  Click here to view required State Notices.

Changes are Coming!  Soon you will be paying more for all internet purchases.

First The Internet Tax Freedom Act - was not extended and will expire on November 1, 2014.  Senator Reid did not allow a vote on this common sense amendment to prevent any new taxes on internet sales.

NOW,  the senate has passed (75 to 24) the so called Marketplace Fairness Act.  Which means higher taxes for ever consumer in the country.  This is not just a battle between big box retail stores and the small start up ecommerce companies.  Oh no...this is a battle of big government and big retail Pack money forcing the everyday Joe into lining the tax coffers.  There is no Marketplace fairness here at all.  We all loose big if this becomes law!  

We encourage you to write your government representatives about not supporting this deceptive Marketplace Fairness Act.  Many small internet companies will be forced to close their doors due to impossible tax collection rules and regulations.  Thus forcing pricing up for everyone and digging even more into our pockets.  You will make the difference.  Stay involved!

Write your Representative
Click here to contact your State Representative.

MO Sales Tax Exemption Form

To provide Missouri customers with our wholesale products we require a valid business tax id.  To process an order, you must submit a copy of your MO tax exemption form and ID number to us prior to your order.  We can't alter your order once it has been placed.  Please contact us Toll Free at 1-866-552-6333 to establish your Tax exempt account.  If you do not have a tax exempt form, please click here to download one. 



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