Assorted Starbucks® Ground Coffee

Exclusively from, this Starbucks® Coffee Assortment will please everyone. Each box of this fresh Coffee House Coffee has a total of 16 2.5 oz. packs (2 of each) PLUS 200 FREE Sweetener Packets... Read more
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16 Packs / Box Item 247000BOX
$44.99 Reg. $66.69

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64/Packs / Case Item 247000CASE
$179.00 Reg. $266.76

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A Exclusive! Not available in stores

It's easy to please everyone with our Starbucks® Ground Coffee Assortment. Now enjoy the coffee house experience in the convenience of your home or office.

Perfect for the ultimate coffee break or any special gift occasion. Discover 8 different Starbucks® Coffees and an easy way to sample the many flavors of Starbucks® premium single-origin coffees and blends. has specially packed each box of fresh Coffee House Coffee with a total of 16 ground 2.5 oz. packs; (2 of each) House Blend, Blonde Veranda Blend, Breakfast Blend, Pike Place Roast, French Roast, Caffe Verona, Cafe Estima and Decaf Pike Place Roast. Each pack is specially portioned for a single, perfect pot of Starbucks® Coffee House ground coffee.
PLUS 100 FREE Sugar Packets and 100 FREE Yellow Packets!

DiscountCoffee realizes that it's difficult to please everyone in the office. That's why has put together a fine assortment of fresh ground Gourmet Coffee House Coffees in one convenient box. Now it's easier to try and please every coffee drinker in your office!

Save that trip to the coffee shop and conveniently enjoy a delicious cup of rich Starbucks® Coffee each day for less than a quarter per cup.

16 / BOX 64 / CASE
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$66.69/box $266.76/case - Local Coffee Service
$44.99/box $179.00/case - Discount "LOWEST Internet Coffee Price"

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Item 247000BOX
16 Portion Packs per Box PLUS 200 FREE Sweetener Packets

Item 247000CASE
Case of 4 Boxes PLUS 800 FREE Sweetener Packets
House Blend, Blonde Veranda Blend, Breakfast Blend, Pike Place Roast,
French Roast, Caffe Verona & Cafe Estima

Kosher OU Passover
Decaf Pike Place Roast
Kosher OU