12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case

Starbucks Tall 12 oz cups are the same as what is served in Starbucks Coffeehouses. Printed with the official Starbucks siren logo, these white disposable paper hot cups are perfect for your coffee and hot beverages. Biodegradable. Made in USA. Read more
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1,000 Cups / Case Item 812082CASE
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12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
12 oz. Starbucks Coffee Siren Logo Printed Cups | Starbucks Tall Paper Hot Cups
12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
12 oz. Starbucks Coffee Siren Logo Printed Cups | Starbucks Tall Paper Hot Cups
12 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case
Starbucks Logo “Tall” Paper Hot Beverage Cups
12 oz. Size 1,000/Case

When you’re serving Starbucks Coffee people easily will recognize your coffee as one of the best gourmet coffees. Why not complete the experience and serve your coffee in official Starbucks printed coffee cups with the green Starbucks siren logo?

Same “Tall” 12 oz. Cups Served at Starbucks

When you order your favorite Starbucks Tall 12 oz. hot beverage at your neighborhood Starbucks Cafe, your coffee beverage will be served in this same upscale Starbucks printed paper hot cup. Each poly-lined interior, leak-proof, heavyweight Starbucks white paper cup is great for all your hot beverages; coffee, hot tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate and warm apple cider.

Hot beverages stay that way with superb insulation. You’ll feel the difference holding this Starbucks heavy weight paper disposable cup. No coffee cup sleeves needed. A rolled lip design makes these cups easy to drink from. A bold statement will be made when you’re drinking your coffee with these iconic Starbucks logo disposable paper cups.

Starbucks Printed Cups

Each 12 oz. Starbucks disposable cup is printed with the authentic “We Proudly Serve” in Starbucks green. Black check boxes are printed on the back side of the cup for easily marking the cup as: Shots, Syrup, Decaf, Milk, Custom or Drink.

Each case of Starbucks cups has 20 wrapped sleeves of 50 cups for convenient storage. A sleeve of 50 is ready when you need them. 1,000 Cups per Case. Lids are sold separately.

Biodegradable Cups

10% post-consumer fiber recycled paper is earth-friendly and is proudly advertised on each Starbucks cup. These biodegradable cups are lined with a food-grade polyethylene plastic. Starbucks is a leader in keeping our Earth green.

Travel Dome Cup Lids

One lid fits 2 cups sizes! Our black travel dome lids conveniently will fit both the Starbucks 12 oz. cup and the 16 oz. cup. Also available are plastic dome lids for our Starbucks 8 oz. paper hot cups.

Lobby / Reception Areas

Remember you can only make a “first impression” once. How better to make that awesome first impression then by serving Starbucks Coffee to your guest and clients. They may not at first know what coffee is in the coffee pot but by offering Starbucks printed hot cups everyone is going to want to “try the coffee.”

Are you serving coffee to clients in your conference room or VIP Lounge? These Starbucks 12 oz. disposable paper cups will turn heads and show that you’re serving one of the best gourmet coffees – Starbucks!

Office Breakrooms

Office breakrooms and coffee stations make for another good home for these Starbucks Coffee Cups. Upgrade your office today with Starbucks Coffee and your employees will appreciate the “extra perk.” If you want to turn heads, just imagine your office guest that see your business values quality – Starbucks Coffee!

Coffee Shops / Restaurants

Have your customers savor that Starbucks coffee shop atmosphere with these classic twin-tailed, Starbucks siren logo, white 12 oz. disposable paper hot cups. Why not have them drink their favorite hot beverages from a recognizable, high profile Starbucks 12 oz. disposable paper hot cup with that famous logo?

Proudly serve your hot beverages in the same Starbucks paper hot cups aligned with the Starbucks Coffee culture rich in tradition. These cups are the authentic Starbucks “Tall” 12oz. serving paper hot cups that are used in Starbucks coffeehouses every day.

Try serving the popular Starbucks Pike Place signature blend in Starbucks logo hot paper cups. Need cups on hand for your customers and diners to take their favorite coffee or hot beverage to go? Just pop on our attractive black dome travel lid and they’re set to go!

Hospitality Coffee Cups

If you’re responsible for ordering in-room coffee for your hotel, motel, inn or Bed and Breakfast, then consider serving Starbucks Coffee in these upscale hot cups. The Starbucks brand will definitely add that upscale image that your guest will appreciate with every sip.

Are you catering an event? Better be sure to have enough of these official Starbucks logo disposable paper cups available for all your beverage needs. Starbucks 12 oz. paper disposable cups are the perfect size to grab that quick cup of java or to linger over with a beverage of your choice, just like at the Starbucks coffeehouses.

Warning! Starbucks Printed Cups

Starbucks logo 12 oz. paper disposable cups are clearly printed “Do not microwave”. Also instructions of “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” is printed in black on each coffee cup.

Made in the U.S.A.

Item 812082CASE
1,000 “Tall” 12 oz. Paper Cups / Case