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How is DiscountCoffee.com Different?

By specializing in products for the Office, Vending, Food Service and the Home!

Ask Yourself these Questions?

• Did you know that coffee prices have just gone down?
• Has your coffee service Ever reduced your pricing?
• What is this month’s special from your current supplier?
• Can you order from your current supplier 24/7/365?
• Are there products, flavors or sizes that are not available from your supplier?
• Are you getting delivery on a regular basis?
• Do you constantly have to retrain the “NEW” route person how to service your account?
• When was the last time that your equipment really got cleaned?
• How much are you really paying for your “FREE Coffee Brewer”?
• Is your coffee service really worth all the hassle? 

Discount Coffee has the answers!

• Coffee prices are monitored 24/7 and our web site is updated as prices go down.
There is always a special! Get even More Specials via Mary Thomas’s Newsletters.
• You can order Day or Night, any day of the week and have your order shipped directly to your location.
   Even shop in your pajamas!      Sshh….we won’t tell!

• OVER 1,000 items in stock and growing!
• Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, so your delivery is on its way immediately.
• You can also set up Auto Restock, so you get what you want when you want it.
Mary Thomas and the entire Customer Care Team has years of experience; you will never have to retrain the staff.
• Your equipment was cleaned last, ONLY when you cleaned it.
• I'm sure you realize that your “FREE” coffee maker is NOT Free at all.
  The high price of your coffee offsets the price of the machine many times over.
  You can save up to 60% buying your own machine and rake in the savings with DiscountCoffee.com.

So what do you do...?

You FIRE your Coffee Service and make the switch today to DiscountCoffee.com!

Your Destination for:
     “LOWEST Internet Coffee Prices – Guaranteed!

     NO Minimum Order
     FREE shipping on qualifying orders
     Fast Delivery!
     True Customer Care!
     Over 1,000 items at your finger tips.
     Specials – SALES – Promotions- and - DISCOUNTS!
     UNIQUE– Hard to Find – ONE OF A KIND ITEMS

The History of DiscountCoffee.com

DiscountCoffee.com began on the back of a restaurant napkin. Not the glamorous beginning that most would like to remember, but none the less, it was a beginning. The year was 1996 and the Internet was just starting to become a household word. It took minutes that felt like hours, for each page to load, but we were all hooked! This was the future of commerce.

DiscountCoffee.com became a reality, “LIVE ON THE INTERNET”, on June 6th, 1998. Our mission was to provide Value, Speed, Convenience and customer control to the Office Coffee environment through the efficiencies of secured e-commerce. The old fashioned OCS (office coffee service) now had to make way for the NEW ICS industry; the Internet Coffee Service industry.

The Internet Coffee Service industry (ICS) could provide a much larger selection of products than the old fashioned system of ordering off the truck. The customer could now order products they never before had access to. Unique new items were soon available to the office customer, such as: Starbucks Coffee, Tazo Tea, Good Earth Tea, Java One Pod Coffee, Organic products, Kosher Products, True Lemon and many others.

The power of the Internet was obvious by the very first two orders that came in to Discount Coffee. The orders were minutes apart; the first order was to Keebler Country Store in Van Buren Arkansas and the second was to the Sears Tower in Chicago. Two extremes; a small country store getting Starbucks for the very first time, and an office in the Sears Tower getting French Vanilla liquid Coffee Mate creamer not available from their coffee service. Discount Coffee was the NEW way of doing business.

1998 was the start of the Super Bowl commercials that actually featured Internet companies. Autobytel.com, Intel and Network Associates were the first three. In 1999, there was Apple, HotJobs.com, Monster.com and Buy.com. In 2000, you may remember the beginning of the end for the Dotcom industry. Seventeen Dotcom companies blew their money on Super Bowl ads, some going out of business even before their ads launched. Most of the seventeen Dotcom companies were history by the next year. You may remember Pets.com, Computer.com and Lifeminders.com (the self proclaimed worst Ad ever made). DiscountCoffee.com did not make a Super Bowl commercial that year or any year. We stick to the basics of taking care of our customers and not only survived the Dotcom bust, but have thrived!

The rest is history! Taking care of our Customers is the most important part of our job. You would think it would be selling coffee, but that is really only a by-product of caring for our customers. Today many of our customers have been with us for years, since the beginning. That is a fact we are all very proud of. We focus on having the best product selection, the best pricing, the fastest order to delivery turnaround time and most importantly, the best Customer Care in the industry. We have developed a history of trust! Our customers know that their information is handled discreetly. That we have never, and will never; sell, trade, share, loan or in any other loathsome manner transfer a customers email address or private information. We do promise to handle every order as if it were our own and do the best we can to ensure the safe arrival of all products in a very rough and tumble shipping environment.

Oh, by the way. The restaurant napkin is now framed and hanging in the office. The first few pencil lines scratching out the birth of a new industry.
And next to that is our first and only Mission Statement:  “Care truly for Our Customer!”