bizCREDIT© Corporate Account

Interested in a bizCREDIT© Corporate Account?’s bizCREDIT© Corporate Account program offers many advantages to businesses, churches, non-profits and institutions.

By applying for and getting a bizCREDIT© account, companies will be able to make purchases and have them due for payment within 20 days (NET 20). Businesses can also have multiple authorized purchasers who can buy items on the one bizCREDIT© account and Ship to multiple addresses. Account Managers can log in and view all purchases for their bizCREDIT© account, re-print invoices, Rapid Re-Order previous purchases and even Track delivery of all orders.

In order to qualify for consideration into the bizCREDIT© program, you need to meet these few simple criteria:
     a.  Have a corporate business license.
     b.  Been in business for 1 year or longer
     c.  Make monthly purchases of $100.00 or more     


bizCREDIT© Account     PDF File:   bizCREDIT© Corporate Application

To make application, simply click on the PDF file link, down load the form, fill it out in its entirety and fax or scan/email to the number on the application.
Please Note:  Your application is received directly into the accounting department and all information is handled in a secure and classifed environment.

Once your application is approved, we will contact the designated Account Manager and provide FREE Hands on Training on how to use your new Account.

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