If you have a question and you can’t find the answer, please email Customer Care. We’ll get you the answer!

If I order today, how long does it take to get my order?

Depending on your shipping method and your location, you can have your order as quickly as Next Day.
Click here for more Domestic Shipping Information within the 48 States.  

Is there a way to get special promos and offers?
You can sign up for our Newsletter. That way you will get all the Hot News and Special Perks only available to Newsletter subscribers. It is FREE and packed full of special offers and promotions. Check here to sign up Today!

Buy One Get One Free Promo - how to enter this into your shopping cart.
Enter (1) in your cart and you will see (2) line items added.  One will have the price, the other will be Free. We will never confuse you with strange conversions and funky math.  What you see in your cart is what you get!  So you can rest easy that your order is always accurate.

Do you offer subscriptions so I can get my same order every month?
We do offer an Auto Restock method.  And it is by Item!  So you have a ton of control over your orders.

Click this link for more information: Auto Restock

How do I get FREE shipping?
You get FREE shipping once you reach the Free Shipping threashold and your package is shipped within the 48 continental United States. All you need to do is make sure your order total (not counting shipping dollars and coupons) is over the threshold then the shopping cart will automatically reflect the FREE Shipping offer.  The Shopping Cart will also Count Down for you, so you never miss the offer.  

Can I ship to multiple people at checkout?
Yes you sure can!  If you are a business, then we can create a B2B account for you.  Here you can give permissions to different location and different buyers and then you can order for each location or let the location order for themselves, all while you keep tabs on the whole process.  Just contact us if you are interested and we will get you set right up.

How do I return an item from my purchase?
The return process is very simple. First make sure that the product you wish to return is unopened and unused. Product that has been sampled is not eligible for return. As an example – I open my box of Hot Chocolate and I don’t like the flavor of the Dark Chocolate as well as I like a Milk Chocolate. I can’t return the opened box, but I can return the other 4 boxes in my order. So now you contact Customer Care either by email or phone and we will provide you with a Return Authorization number. Now All you have to do is ship back the unopened merchandise and you will get a refund for the product less a 15% restocking fee. (For More details click here.)

Do you carry Kosher products?
YES! You will see the Kosher designation on the product pages if it is so designated.  Look under the Nutritional Info Tab on each product page.  

I am a diabetic and am looking for sugar free products.
We have a very large selection just for you.  You will find nutritional tables on the product pages for many of the items we carry and we will try to include Sugar Free in the product Description to help with your Search.

Can you explain Food Product Dating to me?
Sure.  According to the USDA, the dates put on food products are for the retail stores to help them determine how long to display a product for sale.  The Date is in no way a Safety Date for the consumer. Even if the date expires, a product should be safe, wholesome and of good quality - if properly stored.  USDA Food Labeling

How long will coffee stay fresh?
Ground coffee starts to lose its flavor immediately unless it is specially packaged or brewed into a fresh hot cup of coffee. Vacuum sealed and nitrogen filled packaging is commonly used to protect freshly roasted and ground coffee. This type of protection will allow coffee to remain at its freshest for up to 6 months. Coffee will still be fresh for up to 2 years so long as it is stored in a dry area. Do not store coffee in the Freezer as moisture will form inside the packaging and ruin the coffee.

Do you ship to the Military?
YES! We ship to all APO’s and FPO’s using USPS Postal Mail.
Click here for more Military Shipping information.

Why did I not get Free Shipping on my order when I used a coupon?
All coupons and additional discount offers will reduce the shopping cart amount before shipping gets calculated.  So if your order is current at the Free Shipping threshold, but then you add a $5.00 off coupon, your total will be reduced and the order will no longer meet the promo requirements for Free Shipping.  A quick way to check your totals is to review your shipping methods again before checking out and review your Order Total.

What is UHT or UHT Processed?
UHT stands for Ultra Heat Treatment. UHT is a process where any liquid is heated to approximately 145 degrees C and held there for at least 2 seconds.

UHT product, after heat treatment, is then sent to a sterile tank to give a buffer before the filling process is done. In a sterile atmosphere, the filling is done. The UHT packing machine flushes the item to be filled with Nitrogen and keeps the area within the filling heads flooded with Nitrogen to eliminate any air contamination. (Air is what is required for bacteria, molds, etc. to grow.)

The shelf life of a UHT product can be up to 1 year at ambient temperatures.

The UHT processing line (which encompasses the heat treatment to the high temp. and also a holding section) is the first part of the equipment required for UHT processing. The UHT plants are generally tube in tube, or direct steam injection and all the systems have a simple holding section that is matched to the specific product being held and required holding times.

The advantages of this process are that it allows products that were formerly considered to be perishable to have a shelf life anywhere from 12 to 24 months without refrigeration, depending on the exact product. The nitrogen flushed packaging also ensures a contamination free product with almost no loss of taste, quality or nutritional value.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay securely online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  We also offer PayPal.  You can also pay by Check through the mail.  If you are a Business Customer, you may want to consider our bizCREDIT© program.