Who is Mary Thomas?

Hi, I'm Mary Thomas...

 Mary Thomas

and Yes, I am real. 

I have been with DiscountCoffee.com since the beginning.  In 1998, we were the very First Internet Coffee company on the Internet.  
Those were the days of slow modem dial up and just thought of owning a personal computer was foreign.
Yet, I was here, developing a team of customer service specialist just for you.

Times have changed, and Customer Service is even more Valuable in todays marketplace.
Have you ever tried to call Amazon?  Or Walmart? Only to get an hour wait time? Or have to place a ticket and wait 24 hours or more?
That kind of service is so '90's.  And I take a NO Service approach very personal! 
I will never relegate my customers to just a number on a ticket. Never!

Some of the innovative ways I have changed our Customer Care service is by using technology that involves you, the customer.  We value your involvement!
I have added an Interactive Live Chat system, so my team can see and share products Live with you, all while shopping on the site.
I  have added a B2B Company program, so a busines can now have an Account Manager.  And that Account Manager can assign permissions to their own staff under one account.  Speeding up their Accouting needs.
I was also instrumental in creating key features under your "My Account" section, that help you speed up your dialy grind of ordering for your office. Like Order from History and Frequently Purchased.

If you ever have a question you can always reach us during Business HoursMonday-Friday 8 AM - 6 PM CST

Just by clicking the "Live Chat" button Live Chat Icon found on the lower right side of the page. 
Calling us Toll Free:  1- 866-552-6333
Or you can email us at CustomerService@DiscountCoffee.com
And here is my personal email:  Mary@DiscountCoffee.com.

After hours leave a voice message or leave a text message by clicking the  "Live Chat" button.

Discount Coffee provides Exceptional Customer Service, Great Pricing & FREE Shipping*  

Why shop where you are just a Number?

I would like to personally Thank you for the support you have shown by shopping with us.

You are an exceptionally valued customer.  It is people like yourself, who choose to spend your hard earned money with a small business that keeps Main Street America alive and well.
I hope you realize how valuable your purchases are in providing jobs in our local communities.  You make a positive difference!

We consider you a good friend and extend our warmest appreciation.

Sincerely, and with a resounding Thank You!
The Team at DiscountCoffee.com

Shop with heart!  Shop with Heart!
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