My Favorites List

Why create a Favorites list?

Because it will Save you Time and Money!

Your Favorites list makes it easier to locate and keep track of all your favorite items and then with only ONE click you can ADD your selected items directly into your shopping cart! 

How Do I Create a Favorites list?

First thing is to create an Account. That way the website knows who you are and can keep track of your Favorites and your Order History.

Next, as you are shopping along and find an item you want to remember, just click the “Add to Favorites” link and your item is saved for you.

You can review your list simply by clicking on the My Account button at the top of any web page and navigating to the My Favorite link on the left side.

Once you have your list created, you can select the quantity per item and with One click of the “Add to Cart” Button you're ready for checkout.

To remove an item from your list, just click the “Remove from Favorites” link.

Favorites List Customers -  Login here to access your list.

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