Lowest Internet Coffee Price...Guaranteed!

DiscountCoffee.com Lowest Internet Coffee Price Guarantee

We monitor the Internet 24/7 to assure you the "Lowest Internet Coffee Prices - Guaranteed."

If you find a lower price on a new identical coffee from a qualifying online retailer, we’ll match the price when you order by phone.  Simply call us at (866) 552-6333 and give us the competitor's name and we'll match the price.

DiscountCoffee.com will price match coffee sold by any online retailer under the same brand; we will also price match those that are sold and shipped by Amazon.com.  Marketplace coffees sold thru any eligible competitor (e.g., coffee sold or shipped by a third party) are excluded.

We do not price match competitor’s that do not have available inventory to ship.  We don’t price match competitors’ special events (e.g., grand opening, anniversary, clearance, timed sales or liquidation sales, “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” sales).  Also, we do not price match taxes, warranties, typographical errors, merchandise credits or contracted prices offered to DiscountCoffee.com Customers.

Calculating Your Price Match

1.  We'll deduct any available DiscountCoffee.com coupons and rebates from our price to arrive at a net price.  Dollar-off and Percentage-off coupons will be proportionally deducted from the prices of the coffee items in your order.

2.  If a competitor offers coffee with an instant rebate, mail-in rebate, gift check/gift card or similar discounts, we will not deduct these discounts to arrive at the competitor's net price.  If a competitor offers a coffee that comes with a free or discounted item, we will only match the price you pay for the primary item, and will not take the free or discounted item into account.

3.  If your DiscountCoffee.com order will receive free shipping and the competitor's order will receive free shipping, we will price match the product without considering shipping charges.

4.  If your DiscountCoffee.com order will receive free shipping and the competitor's order will not receive free shipping, we will include an appropriate shipping charge in the competitor's price before calculating the price match, and vice versa.

We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer, particularly if the other online retailer has set a limit.  Previous orders or orders you place online prior to calling to request a price match, will not qualify for this price match offer.  This Lowest Internet Coffee Price Guarantee was last updated Jan 1, 2020 and is subject to change without notice.
If you have any questions or would like to claim your price match, please call us Toll Free at (866) 552-6333.