Don't be Fooled by Impostors!

LOOK OUT for the impostors! has been your shopping destination of choice since 1998.  In the early years of the Internet there was a silent code of ethics between businesses to be respectable and not tread on each other's domain names through shady marketing tactics. 

Today, things are drastically different.  Now there are people who practice little to NO Ethics and specifically target their marketing with the intent to deceive the customer.  They do this by tagging their website to similarly spelled domain names and stealing the Search Engine traffic that has been built up through hard work of the reputable company they are targeting.  

There are laws against this tactic called the Fair Trade Act of 1986 which prohibits people in trade from engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct.  But as we all know, just taking a case like this to a lawyer is 50 grand, and by the time it is all through, could cost a million or more.  These impostors know that a business has no financial chance against them, so they keep on going.  Even the ICAN group that was developed to help businesses protect their web names is no longer a free service and are not really inclined to get involved anymore (they must be working with the lawyers).

BEWARE these sites:

DiscountCoffee.NET - is using our domain as re Re-direct to their website.  - Intentionally advertises on Google as Discount Coffee

If you know of any others representing themselves as Discount Coffee, please take a moment and let us know about them. 

Please email

Our reputation is at stake and your help is much appreciated!

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