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  • Cadillac Coffee Company Flavored Gourmet Ground Coffee. Cadillac Coffee Flavored Assortment exclusive!
  • Cadillac Gourmet Flavored Coffee Assortment

Cadillac Gourmet Flavored Coffee Assortment

Assorted Cadillac Gourmet Flavored Coffee 22/Case

SKU# 19000CASE

Have a "Flavored Coffee of the Day" with 22 ground coffee bags (2 of each unique flavor) in each Cadillac Coffee gourmet sampler. Each bag brews a perfect pot. No added calories! Read more...

22 Bags / Case

Item 19000CASE

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Quick Overview

Have a "Flavored Coffee of the Day" with 22 ground coffee bags (2 of each unique flavor) in each Cadillac Coffee gourmet sampler. Each bag brews a perfect pot. No added calories!

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Cadillac Gourmet Flavored Coffee Collection

Only available at!
Ground coffee, no filters included
22 - 1.5 oz. Bags / Case, 2 bags of each unique flavor
Each bag makes a single pot of coffee, 10-12 cups / pot

The Cadillac Gourmet Flavored Coffee Assortment is only available from

Are your coffee drinkers tired of the same coffee day after day? Give them the unexpected with our exclusive Cadillac Coffee flavored variety pack. With 11 different coffee flavors you can serve up weeks of delicious gourmet coffee indulgence!

Each Case Includes

 • Amaretto – Hint of Almond liqueur. Perfect dessert coffee.
 • Butter Rum – “Island Delight” Rich, buttery flavor... Smooth taste of dark rum.
 • Caramel Creme – Creamy caramel flavor like at your favorite coffee house.
 • Cinnamon Hazelnut – Cinnamon and hazelnut combined for a rich and delicious taste.
 • French Roast Colombian – Tart, dark roast espresso-style 100% Colombian Coffee.
 • Hawaiian Kona Blend – Smooth, rich blend roasted from Hawaii’s Kona Coffee Beans
 • Hazelnut Creme – Smooth, nutty gourmet flavor for your cup.
 • Irish Creme – Classic Irish creme cocktail flavor. Sip and enjoy!
 • Michigan Cherry – Enjoy Michigan's Montmorency tart cherries in a rich coffee blend.
 • Snick A Diddle – Cinnamon and Almond Snickerdoodle combination. “Grandma Approved!”
 • Vanilla Creme – #1 Cadillac Coffee Flavor! Delicate creamy vanilla taste. Medium Roast.

Our gourmet flavored coffee sampler is great for break rooms, guest lounges, hospitality breakfast rooms, restaurants, convenience stores and even as a gift for coffee lovers. Adding gourmet flavored coffee to your coffee service provides a special upscale hospitality touch, communicating with your staff and guests that you appreciate them.

Discover Flavored Gourmet Coffee

With 11 different flavored coffees we can almost guarantee that your coffee drinkers will discover another favorite Cadillac Coffee flavor to add to their list. Even hard core coffee drinkers will be tempted to fill their cup when they smell these uniquely rich and flavorful coffees.

Use our case of assorted gourmet flavored coffee packs as an inexpensive coffee sampler to taste test all the available flavors and select the ones that your staff or guests like the best. Order your favorite flavors by the case and get our lowest internet coffee prices guarantee.

Did you know?
Flavored coffees don't have any more calories than non-flavored coffee.

Make The Best Flavored Gourmet Coffee

Each bag is specifically designed to make a perfect pot of gourmet flavored coffee. No waste, no guess work. Purchase our wide based commercial coffee filters to make sure that every drop of water passes through the filter, delivering a full robust flavor without any dilution.

Cadillac Coffee Difference Since 1888

For over 125 years Cadillac Coffee has been mastering the craft of artisan roasting. Starting with the best coffee beans from Central America, Africa, Colombia and Brazil, the beans are blended to combine the best characteristics of the bean in the formulation of each type and flavor of coffee. The result is a coffee unlike any other - a uniquely rich flavor that doesn't overkill the base coffee taste.

Item 19000CASE
22 - 1.5 oz. Bags / Case
11 Flavors

Customer Reviews


Easy to please everyone in the office.

Reviewed: 7/5/12 By: Andrea P. / Hi-Tech Automotive    From: Brandon, FL

This is the perfect coffee assortment for our office break room. Vanilla and Hazelnut are the most popular flavors. Thanks Discount Coffee for making my job easier to please everyone in the office!!!

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