8 oz. Starbucks Logo Paper Hot Cups 1,000/Case

Just like in Starbucks Coffee Shops, serve your coffee in official Starbucks "Short" 8 oz. Paper Hot Cups. These biodegradable disposable paper coffee cups are printed with the White/Green "We Proudly Serve" Starbucks Coffee logo. Made in U.S.A. Read more
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1,000 Cups / Case Item 811212CASE
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Starbucks Logo “Short” Paper Hot Beverage Cups
8 oz. Size 1,000/Case

Are you serving Starbucks Coffee in your restaurant, cafe, motel, hotel, inn, Bed and Breakfast, home or office? Then have your guests or clients enjoy that Starbucks coffeehouse experience with these authentic white Starbucks two-tailed mermaid, siren logo, 8 oz. disposable paper hot cups.

Be a part of the Starbucks upscale coffee culture tradition with the same authentic Starbucks “Short” 8oz. serving disposable paper hot cups that are used in Starbucks Coffee Shops every day. Each case has 20 individually wrapped sleeves of 50 cups for easy storage. Just pull out a sleeve of 50 as you need them. 1,000 Cups/Case. Lids sold separately.

Same “Short” 8 oz. Cups Served at Starbucks

Whether or not you are enjoying Starbucks beverages, these 8 oz. paper hot cups will elevate your coffee or hot beverage experience. These are the same disposable paper hot cups served at Starbucks Coffee Shops for their “Short” 8 oz. coffee, cappuccino and hot drinks.

Each high quality paper hot cup can stand up to any hot beverage. You can feel the difference when you hold this Starbucks paper hot disposable cup. Your hot beverages stay hot with superb insulation and no need for an additional coffee sleeve. The rolled lip design makes these cups that much easier to drink from. Make an assertive statement with these iconic Starbucks branded disposable paper hot cups.

These white, heavyweight Starbucks paper cups have a poly-lined interior to be leak-proof for any hot beverage; coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm cider etc. Why not serve your coffee and hot beverages from a high profile, recognizable Starbucks logo disposable paper hot cup?

Printed Cups

Each official Starbucks cup is imprinted with the classic “We Proudly Serve” in green. Check boxes are printed in black for marking the drink cups as; Decaf, Shots, Syrup, Milk, Custom and Drink.

Starbucks logo 8 oz. paper hot disposable cups are printed with instructions of “Do not microwave” and “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” in black.

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Cups

Starbucks Cups are manufactured in the U.S.A. Each cup is made from 10% post-consumer fiber recycled paper, as advertised and printed on the cup. These earth-friendly cups are lined with food-grade polyethylene plastic and are biodegradable.

In-Room Coffee Service

Starbucks “Short” 8 oz. Cups are perfectly sized for motel, hotel, inn, or Bed and Breakfast in-room guest self-service hot beverage stations. Starbucks 4-Cup Filter Pack Coffee compliments any in-room coffee service offering.

Classic Cup for Any Occasion

Do you have a hot beverage station in your lobby for your guests? These cups can handle it all. Serving coffee to your clients in the conference room? These Starbucks disposable paper hot cups show you care enough to serve the best. Do you need to plan or cater a large event? Make sure you have plenty of these Starbucks official logo disposable paper hot cups available for all your hot beverage needs. Starbucks 8oz. paper hot disposable cups are sized perfectly to grab that quick cup or to linger over with a favored hot drink just like at the famous Starbucks Coffeehouses. Everyone can appreciate the classic Starbucks experience.

On The Go Cups & Lids

When you’re on the go, top your Starbucks Cup with an 8 oz. black dome lid. In this busy world where we’re all on the go - these cups and lids are great to have on hand for coffee shops, convenience stores, diners, cafes, hotel in-room coffee, office breakrooms or for even your home.

Made in the U.S.A.

Item 811212CASE
1,000 “Short” 8 oz. Paper Cups / Case